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How WeedBee Deliveries Work


Express orders will get an ETA, and will be within 1.5 hours from the confirmed time received from dispatch. Express orders MUST BE CONFIRMED BY DISPATCH. To place an express order, simply add “Express Delivery” to your cart with your items. If you do not hear from Dispatch confirming the express, please call to confirm- EXPRESS WILL NOT BEGIN UNTIL CONFIRMED BY DISPATCH. The cost is $10 Flat. Express is not always available. Dispatch will notify you of Express Service Interruptions at confirmation. Express Deliveries NOT FULFULLED IN THE CONFIRMED TIME WILL NOT BE CHARGED AN EXPRESS FEE.


Standard orders get no eta and are in the queue with no express. Standard wait times are as follows.

Mon-Thursday 2.5 to 4 hours Average wait time.

Fri-Sunday 8 Hours Average wait time.

If this is too long, Please place an express order, or call dispatch with your order number, and request an upgrade to express.

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